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Basement Entrance & Cellar Stairway Installation in King of Prussia, Norristown & the Greater Delaware Valley

Convenient, direct access to your basement in PA and NJ with a precast concrete or steel stairwell

Adding a basement access or cellar stairway does not need to be painful! When you work with Steelway Cellar Doors, we will take all of the fear out of the process. We handle the measurements, the digging, the cutting, the design work, and the initial backfill. We don't use any subcontractors, so you can be assured that your installers are highly trained and qualified. Steelway Cellar Doors will also obtain permits on all of the jobs we do so you can trust that the work will be done properly and that all of the necessary insurance is in place.

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Before and Afters
  • Smaller precast cellar door installation in Oxford, PA
    Smaller precast cellar door installation in Oxford, PA

    This client needed an estimate for a smaller precast unit. We installed a 52'' precast entrance.

    We have at least 10 precast sizes, allowing us the ability to do just about any precast egress entry. Call for an estimate to find out what size fits your home!

  • Large egress stairway installed in Reading Pa.
    Large egress stairway installed in Reading Pa.

    The Men did two separate egress system on the same house on the same day! That is why it is nighttime in the pictures. 

    An egress stairway and a window well egress.

  • 84 inch precast window well egress in Chester Springs, PA
    84 inch precast window well egress in Chester Springs, PA

    Client wanted an estimate for two points of egress, for safety and ease of moving items. We installed full concrete stairway on one end, and an egress window on the other.

    Our four man Install Crew got it all done in ONE DAY!!! With our experienced crew, we can perform top quality work with precision. Call for an estimate today!

  • cellar door egress Installed in Downingtown, PA
    cellar door egress Installed in Downingtown, PA

    Corners are not a problem for precast stairs, we will figure it out for you.

  • New precast cellar entrance in Reading, PA.
    New precast cellar entrance in Reading, PA.

    A new clean precast outside basement stairway and fitted Steelway Cellar Door top installed in Reading, PA.

  • Full Egress unit Installed in Spring City
    Full Egress unit Installed in Spring City

    93'' precast stairway for egress along with custom window well cover

Boost your home's value and function with a new cellar entrance in Delaware County, PA

There are numerous benefits to adding a cellar entrance for your home such as a basement stairway or egress window. Not only will you increase your home's property value and sales appeal, you will also gain a valuable and accessible emergency basement exit for safety and convenience. Cellar entrance installation will also give you the ability to move storage items such as furniture, appliances, and other large objects directly to your basement without dragging them through your house. We guarantee you will be thankful to have a convenient basement access from the outdoors!

Cellar stairway

Our steel cellar stairways and basement entrances provide functional, easy outside access. Best of all, they can be installed in one day!

When we're finished with our cellar stairway installation you will have a code compliant, easy to use outside basement access. Whether you want to increase your basement's safety or just avoid bringing large objects through your home just to get to the basement, a Steelway cellar door and concrete stairway can be easily installed on your home in less than a day!

The benefits of our cellar stairways in Montgomery & New Castle Counties, PA:

  • 100 percent code compliant
  • Precast concrete for lifetime strength
  • Complete installation in just one day

Installing a basement egress in a stone foundation

Many old basements can only be accessed by interior stairs from the main living space and most weren't built with large windows. If you're looking to adding additional sleeping space in your basement, you'll need to add an opening to the outside. We have the skills and equipment to cut an opening in your stone foundation and add an egress that meets code requirements. There are many practical advantages to adding an egress in your stone foundation:

  • Easy access in the event of a fire or another emergency
  • Adds natural light, brightening an old, dark basement
  • Adds value and is an excellent selling feature

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